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     Girls and Boys of all ages, welcome a new western adventure from a mythical spot in Calico County.  Duputy Sheriff and Rancher, Hank Ballard and Chuck Wagon Cook , "Cookie" are in town to relax a little when trouble starts a brewin'.

     Unlike television you are going to have to use your imagination.  What do think Cookie and Hank look like?  Of course there are the bad guys, can you describe them?  It's fun to listen to a "radio show" with friends and describe the characters.  What does the town look like?  Can you agree?

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     Just over the ridge between here and the snow capped mountains in the background is small western town.  It's rodeo day at the County Fair.  I wonder who all's in town.  I'll meet you all at Widow Meggs' eatin' emporium.