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Download may take awhile, depending on your internet connection.  Mystery of Lost Cow Canyon is 23 minutes long.


    It's time for your soon to be favorite Western, featuring those lovable characters from that mythical spot on the Texas map, Calico County.  In this episode, Hank, Cookie, Jimmy and the boys are on a cattle drive ... and there's something spooky going on.

   The era of the real Cowboy and the famous cattle drives ... only lasted from about 1866 til 1886 ... no more than 20 years.  But the golden age of the Cowboy, in American literature, radio and TV ... and in the hearts and mind of it's people has never ended.  the cowboy has never ceased to capture the imagination of a country that in many respects, itself, a cowboy; strong brave, ready to confront all evil, and embrace all good.

    The cattle drive was the annual test of the cowboy's true grit.  It was a grueling, life threatening adventure, and you'll have a story that may not "curl your toes," but will remind you that we're all kids at heart, and all kids LOVE ghost stories!

"Mystery of Lost Cow Canyon" was written by Dave Aime.

           Produced and Directed by Charles Langdon.

                    Music written and performed by Wayne Hunt and Alan Beatley.

                               Sound effects by Mark and Marsha Bush.

                                           Frank Hunt was "Hank Ballard"

                                                      Mark Anderson was "Cookie."
                                                              Michael Henry was "Jimmy"

                                                                     Mark Bush performed as "the hungry cowboy"

                                                                               Grunts, groans and animals sounds provided by the entire cast.

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