Written by Edgar Farr Russell III, KISS FROM A LITTLE OLD LADY is an excellent example of a newly written drama in the tradition of the golden age of radio.  It won Russell the script writing competition at the 20th annual Friends of Old Time Radio convention in 1995. 

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          This is a powerfully written play that takes the listener back to Brooklyn, New York in 1940.  It features gangsters, spirits, revenge and hope.

          Distinguished composer Rex Koury created and performed the music especially for KISS FROM A LITTLE OLD LADY.  Mr. Koury is best know as the musical director for the radio program "Gunsmoke."  During his long career, which began in 1929, he provided music for many of the biggest names in radio including Fibber McGee and Meredith Wilson as well as performing as an organist on the NBC Wurlitzer studio organ.  He also created the music for the syndicated horror show, "Hermits Cave."

                                           Rex Koury